Logo Designing Urdu Tutorial

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Logo Designing Urdu Tutorial

Logo Designing Urdu Tutorial is a complete guide for those who want to learn logo designing. In this tutorial I am going to teach you everything you need to know about logo designing. In the first part of this tutorial, I will explain you what actually a logo is and general misconceptions about logo designing. Then I will share several tips that will help you to build an outstanding logo. In the second part of this tutorial, I will teach you a premium logo designing software from scratch. There is so much to learn in this course.

A logo is a mark, business name written with a specific style or combination of name and mark. A logo is an identifier for your business entity, products and services. Building an effective, memorable and simple logo is as important as any other branding strategy. Logo designing is considered as a complicated task.


Course Features

  • Lectures 40
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 3 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language Urdu
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Self
  • Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Chapter 2: Basics of Logo

  • Chapter 3: Tips For Good Logo

    • Lecture 3.1 How Not To Design a Logo Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.2 The Real Apple Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.3 Keep It Simple Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.4 Don’t Need Uniqueness Locked 0m
  • Chapter 4: Shapes in Logos

    • Lecture 4.1 Use of Shapes Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.2 The Circle Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.3 The Oval Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.4 The Square Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.5 The Triangle Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.6 Repeating Elements Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.7 Don’t Mix Styles Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.8 Keep Mark and Name Separate Locked 0m
  • Chapter 5: Installing Software

    • Lecture 5.1 Installing Summit Logo Pro Studio Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.2 Cracking the Software Locked 0m
  • Chapter 6: Basics of Logo Design Studio Pro

    • Lecture 6.1 Interface Tour Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.2 Saving and Opening Logo Projects Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.3 Working With Elements Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.4 Using Clip Board and Layers Pane Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.5 Using Selection Pane Locked 0m
  • Chapter 7: Working With Text

    • Lecture 7.1 Adding and Editing Text Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.2 Working With Text Colors Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.3 Using Effects with Text Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.4 Fill With Picture Locked 0m
  • Chapter 8: Using Insert Menu

    • Lecture 8.1 Using Shapes Locked 0m
    • Lecture 8.2 Using Graphics Locked 0m
    • Lecture 8.3 Using Drawing Tools Locked 0m
    • Lecture 8.4 Using Symbols Locked 0m
  • Chapter 9: Misc Options

    • Lecture 9.1 Adding Removing Canvases Locked 0m
    • Lecture 9.2 Setting Canvas Background Locked 0m
    • Lecture 9.3 Setting Canvas Properties Locked 0m
    • Lecture 9.4 Using Editing Pane Locked 0m
    • Lecture 9.5 Exporting Logos Locked 0m
Awais Kamran has been in the field of IT and Teaching for last 10 Years. Having a dual master degree in Computer Science and Commerce, he has been serving in the top educational institute of Pakistan "Punjab Group Of Colleges". He is the pioneer of Urdu Video Tutorials in Urdu language. He has completed more than 50 Urdu Video Tutorials in last 7 years. Beside coaching, he is an expert Web Developer and Search Engine Optimizer. He belongs to the city of Saints (Multan).


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