Start Your Web Hosting Business With Rs 6000

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Start Your Web Hosting Business With Rs 6000

If you are looking to start a business with a small investment, then this course is best suited to you. Here I am going to reveal all the secrets involved in web hosting management business. I will teach you how to manage WHM (Web Host Management) tool. Moreover I will give you solid tips for acquiring and maintaining your clients as well as creating packages.

This course requires no prior knowledge. I have taught every necessary concept from the gross root level. All you need is desire to learn and invest a small amount.

Course Features

  • Lectures 35
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 2 Hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language Urdu
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Self
  • Ch1. Introduction

  • Ch2. Types of Hosting

  • Ch3. Technical Terms

    • Lecture 3.1 Disk Space Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.2 What is Band Width Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.3 Email Accounts Locked 0m
    • Lecture 3.4 What is FTP Account Locked 0m
  • Ch4. Starting Your Business Step 1

    • Lecture 4.1 Buying Domain For Your Business Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.2 Buying Reseller Hosting Account Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.3 Recource Calculation Locked 0m
    • Lecture 4.4 Create a Good Looking Hosting Site Locked 0m
  • Ch5. Starting Your Business Step 2

    • Lecture 5.1 Registering Your Private Name Servers Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.2 Basic Interface of WHM Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.3 Creating Hosting Package Locked 0m
    • Lecture 5.4 What is Addon Domain Locked 0m
  • Ch6. Managing Clients Accounts

    • Lecture 6.1 Registering New Client Account Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.2 Force Password Change Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.3 Password Modification Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.4 Managing Suspensions Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.5 Upgrade-Downgrade Account Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.6 Terminate An Account Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.7 Web Template Editor Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.8 Customizing Control Panel Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.9 Editing Package Locked 0m
    • Lecture 6.10 Domain Migration Locked 0m
  • Ch7. Managing Business

    • Lecture 7.1 Information Requirement Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.2 Your Responsibilities Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.3 Client’s Responsibilities Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.4 How To Target Local Clients Locked 0m
    • Lecture 7.5 How To Retain Clients Locked 0m
Awais Kamran has been in the field of IT and Teaching for last 10 Years. Having a dual master degree in Computer Science and Commerce, he has been serving in the top educational institute of Pakistan "Punjab Group Of Colleges". He is the pioneer of Urdu Video Tutorials in Urdu language. He has completed more than 50 Urdu Video Tutorials in last 7 years. Beside coaching, he is an expert Web Developer and Search Engine Optimizer. He belongs to the city of Saints (Multan).


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